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Breaking rock and concrete in confined or sensitive areas is no longer a problem

Avoid Blasting. Just Split it…

We take pleasure in introducing Nutech Hydraulic Rock & Concrete Splitters manufactured by us for Rock Excavation, concrete demolition and Pile Cutting as they provide a powerful and extremely cost effective alternative to other conventional demolition techniques. Hydraulic Splitting means controlled splitting, and this method eliminates shock waves, vibrations, dust and noise that large impact tools usually produce. Nutech Rock and Concrete Splitter has proven to be the best alternative specially where Rock hammers produce vibrations and takes long time for Pile Cutting.

Nutech Hydraulic Rock and Concrete Splitters work according to the safe and proven wedge principle. First of all, a hole is drilled to a specified diameter and depth using an ordinary rock drill. Then the wedge set is inserted into the hole with the wedge in retracted position. The hydraulic pressure then forces the wedge between the two counter wedges, pressing them against the walls of the drilled hole. The effective splitting force of up to 400 Ton, breaks concrete and rock from the inside, breaking thinner iron rods at the same time.

You will find from the enclosed catalogue that the Splitters are easy to operate, low maintenance, extremely versatile, durable – many of our customers are using Splitters for the past several years, easy to transport. Available in different models for different applications like:

  • Removal of Overburden in natural stone industry – Granite, Marble, Sandstone etc.
  • Demolition work in concrete and re-inforced Concrete like wall, bridges, foundations etc.
  • Hard Rock excavation. – Buliding foundation
  • Demolition of Rocks for trenching, tunneling etc.
  • Enlarging work in underground mines.
  • Underwater Demolition.
  • Secondary Splitting of Boulders.

Salient features:

  • Low Operating Cost – Fuel consumption 1 litre per hour.
  • Four to Five Splitters can be operated with one Power Pack.
  • Easy handling – Weight range between 18 – 35 kgs.

A Portable and light weight Hydraulic Power Pack with the option of Diesel/Petrol Engine powers this Equipment. For further details please contact us.

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